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Mystical Computers was founded in 2008 in Mystic, Connecticut. As we strive to build a reputation of honesty, integrity, reliability and trustworthiness with our many customers, we look to the spiritual principles laid out for us by those great humanitarian men and woman who came before us.

We believe that God blesses those who are honest and ethical in their business practices as well as their personal lives. We vow to adhere to our moral code of complete honesty and forthrightness with all our customers, regardless of their level of computer knowledge.

Renewing the health and usefulness of older slowed down, virus ridden computers is our specialty.

Our Total Care Renewal Service is guaranteed to make your system run like when it was new. Our hardware and software upgrade offerings can even make it run better than when you first bought it.
We pride ourselves on our ability to save our customers money while providing the best customer service available. Our Total Care Renewal Service includes hardware testing, dust removal, hard drive format, operating system re-installation, all updates, drivers and patches, virus protection, basic software installation, system configuration and bonus software and tutorials for qualifying PCs.
Call us today at 860-941-9331 and find out why we have so many satisfied customers.